Isnin, 7 Mac 2011

Houz Depot

I'm sure most of you already knew about Houz Depot long time ago. For me and hubby, we just knew about it on January 2011. huhu. We were so ignorant on new shops! Luckily, abg ly (hubby's only brother) brought us there last month. We were so amazed with the shop. It was a one stop home improvement wholesale hyperstore which has everything that u need in it! Jakuzi pun ada tau.

It was located in the heart of KL, opposite Pertama Complex. Their first shop was located at PJ, near to The curve and Ikea. You may see the banner of Houz Depot once you are nearby that area. They will be opening other branches by this year at Subang Jaya and Klang as well. Senang la nanti dah ada kat Subang.

Since we officially got our keys last Saturday, we met our contractor - Classic Construction for discussion on the renovation to kick off. Hip hip horey. After discussing and choosing on all the tiles, wood and design it's time for shopping. Yippieee. Tapi shopping berpada2 ye. Setakat yang perlu sahaja. Jangan beli terlebih pula. I kept on reminding myself those sentences few time ;).

So, we visited Houz Depot again yesterday to shop for few important thing. Alhamdulilah, Houz Depot was having great bargain and sale this month. We bought hood, hob, built-in oven with 2 airconds with a great deal and price. Furthermore, this month Houz Depot is giving more rebate on what we had spend there. For every Rm100, they will be giving RM3 voucher. We got RM153 voucher yesterday and I am so happy with it! Will be visiting Houz Depot again this week for me to fully utilized that voucher that we got. hehe ;).

Furthermore, the hood and hob package that we bought yesterday had entitled us to get a free gift ---> SUNHOM BBQ set! me and hubby love to BBQ a lot and it's was like a perfect house warming gift from Houz Depot to us :).

our free gift

Other than that, their delivery service is quite cheap as well. For amount spend below RM3k, the delivery service will be RM65 within Klang Valley (with radius around 10-30km). From KL - Alam Budiman, Houz Depot will chargesd RM85 for delivery service. Since we had spend more than RM3k so we were entitled for the RM65 free delivery service. End up, we just need to pay RM20 for the delivery service.

The staff there are very helpful and polite as well. They had helped us a lot on advising us on which item is best and not for us. But end up, it's up to us to choose which one that we wanted to buy. They can even keep our items purchased for at most 6 months. Thoroughly, me and hubby were among the happy customers yesterday at Houz Depot (",).

You may have a peek on their E-Catalogue or LIKE their FB page :). I better stop now. My entry this time had been like an advertising entry for Houz Depot pula. huhu.

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chempakamummylicious berkata...

Wowiee..bestnyee..hari tu pon ade nmpk adv Houz Depot kt paper..ada berkenan 1 wall deco..ingat nk pegi..smp hari ni x pegi..eheh..rumah baru kat mana diyana??

dyana "his other half" berkata...

oh wall deco dia mmg menarik kan? diyana pun planning nak beli wall deco la untuk voucher tu. hehe.

rumah baru kat puncak perdana, uitm yg baru tu. tau tak? shah alam, u10, alam budiman.

ishamizu berkata...

Wah bestnya!! i loike bab deco2, n reno2 house ni..wah, tk sbr nk tgk rumah Cdee, mst cantik!! nti dh msk umah wat house-warming boleh la wat bbq dgn bbq gift tu! ;) jgn lupe jmpt ktrg eh...hihihi...

Nway, izu pun br first time dgr Houz depot tu. :D

dyana "his other half" berkata...

cd dulu tak minat bab deco2 n reno2 ni izu. tp bila dah ada rumah sendiri n kunci dah ada dlm tangan semangat tu tiba2 dtg sendiri pula. huhu.

takde la cantik mana pun rumahnya izu. cd buat basic je grill+kitchen cabinet. huhu.

insya allah kalau izu ada kat sini mesti jemput punya la. tak pun kita virtually house warming la. cewah. hehe.

chempakamummylicious berkata...

Ohooo..puncak perdana...tau2...bila nk pindah nih?? bestnyee pindah rumah baru..eheheh...

Nadine berkata...

a'ahla...mcm best je. tak pernah dgr pasal HD ni tau. Tq Cee D share with us. nnti bila nak pindah nak terjah jugakla HD ni.

p.s: jgn lupa update proses menghias rumah baru anda yer. nak tgk!! :D

dyana "his other half" berkata...

insya allah labor day pindah la. nanti chem dtg tau :).

dyana "his other half" berkata...

best kan? nanti boleh window shopping kat sana dulu. mmg murah from other shops cd rasa.

insya allah, this weekend pege tgk rumah saya snap picture ye.

|| sue-imanja || berkata...

Cara i taw HD pon sama macam u.. hehe. Tkmo komen pepanjang, cuma jgn lupa snap gambo wiken ni. Bateri HP ngan kamera sila pastikan fully charge ...:P

dyana "his other half" berkata...

kita serupaaaaa. hehe. oh insya allah saya akan pastikan photographer saya snap gambo ye.